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“InforMatters was founded by Alejandro Carrillo, who has been working in Software Development, Enterprise Application Integration, Business Process Management, and Consulting for 18 years, in very demanding and complex environments such as the Financial Industry, across the Americas, from New York to Buenos Aires. He holds a BS in Computer Science from the Monterrey Institute of Technology, and a MS in Technical Management from Johns Hopkins University.

OUR workforce

our team is compromised of software engineers with hands-on experience on real-time automation, from software development, enterprise application integration & business process management, to robotic process automation.


Our methodology

we use an interactive and incremental process based on "quick-wins".

we help you identify a business process based on A cost/benefit analysis; then do the design, development, testing, and metrics for such process using software robots.

Managing Director

often technology we use can't evolve at the speed that the business requires it,  so we use people to fill the gaps.  OUR ROBOTIC PROCESS automation solution allows organizations to fill those gaps between business requirements and the scope of work to be delivered by the i.t. department.  software robots AUTOMATE REPETITIVE tasks, DELIVERING QUICK RETURN ON INVESTMENT,  OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE, AND HIGHER STAFF PRODUCTIVITY.  

Alejandro Carrillo